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Disturbed Landscape in Fragile Ecologies
Trends in Status of Education in India: A Present Scenarios
Food Inflation: Consequences & Problems in Sustainable Economic Development in India
An Economic Study of Awarness and Utilization of Block Primary Health Centres in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu
Education: An Essential tool for Sustainable Development
A Descriptive Study on the Consciousness of Traffic Rules among the people of ‘Amdavad’
Growth and Structure of India’s Foreign Trade in the Post-reform Period
Lean Six Sigma in Light Engineering Clusters in Tamil Nadu
A Comparative Interrelationship Study of Indian Stock Market with Global Stock Markets
Demographic Changes and Growth of Population in Uttar Pradesh: Trends and Status
Quantification of Unpaid Domestic Work: Insights from Amritsar (India)
Impact of FIIs on National Stock Exchanges of India
Is MUDRA Bank Rightly Moving and are the Growth Envisaged Through Financial Inclusion a Reality: An Analysis of State-vide First Responses
Examining Stock Market Dynamic Linkage of BRIC Countries
The Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Tamil Nadu
A Critical Review of Progress of Prdhaan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojnaa (PMJDY) : State Level Variation
Movement of two inequalities in Indian cities
Greece Crisis: A learning exercise for Public Debt Management
Technical Analysis on Selected Stock of Indian Banking Sector
Changing Food and Non-food Composition Basket in Rural India: Impact of Income Changes
Self Rated Health in India
Customary Obstructions in achieving the Goals of Family Welfare Programmes in Rural India: A Case Study
Fundamental Survey on Awareness of Safety among Women
Changing Occupational structure and Economic Condition of Farm labourers in India: A Study
Sex Differentials in IMR: An Inter-District Analysis
Overview of Female Workers in Rural Uttar Pradesh: an Inter-District Analysis
Examining Efficiency and Performance of Various Investment portfolios
The Impact of Economic Reform on the Growth of Agriculture Production and Productivity in India since Liberalisation
Social Determinants of HIV: A Study of Women in Madhya Pradesh
Is Indian Stock Market Highly Volatile? - A Comprehensive Study
The Technical Efficiency Handloom Clusters in India
Women in the Labour Market in India - Facing the Inequalities
Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Agricultural Sector: Opportunities and Challenges
Sustainable Development in India Updates on Possible Role of States
Is India attaining a sustainable energy-led growth?
A Comprehensive Study of Performance of Indian Automobile Industry - A stock Market Perspective
Factors Affecting Participation of Woman in Household Decision Making: Implication for Family Welfare and Agriculture Development
Role of MGNREGA in Poverty Removal in Rural Areas
Indian Diaspora Down Under* : A Socio-economic perspective
The Productivity Analysis of Village Industries Clusters in India
Educated Unemployed and Employment Differentials of Educated: Evidences from Field
Assets Creation, Up-gradation and Maintenance Review of progress of MGNREGA through 2007-2008 to 2012-2013
Labour Market Discrimination and Earning Differentials - An Evidence from Uttar Pradesh Based on NSS Data
Rupee Depreciation and Impact on the Economy
Reviewing Flagship Programs Monitoring: How Successful has been the MIS Implementation in India
The Technical Efficiency of Khadi and Village Industries Clusters in India
Changing Land Uses and Urbanization and Economic Growth
Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture in the Era of Economic Reforms
State Level Inequalities in Economic Development
The Productivity Analysis of Industrial Clusters in India
Public Expenditure: An Insight and Concern
Female Work Participation in Uttar Pradesh : Trends and Determinants
Profile and growth of agricultural commodity futures in India
The role of small scale industry in reduction of poverty in India
Collaborations In Self Help Groups - A Computer Science Perspective Study and Framework
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 Effect of insect growth regulator, Novaluron and Chlorfluazuron on growth and development of Antigartra catalaunalis Duponchel
 Induction of radiomutants in Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. cv. Gul-e-Sahir for novel traits
 Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research
 Efficacy of newer insecticides against sucking pests of rice fallow blackgram (Vigna mungo L.)
 Detection of Mycoflora Associated with Rice Grain Discolouration
 Energy Consumption Pattern for Indian Households
 Evaluating the nationalization & privatization effect: a case of Indian banking industry
 Economic dynamics and technology diffusion in indian power sector
 Who Leaves Farmland Fallow and Why? An Empirical Investigation Using Nationally Representative Survey Data from India
 Micropropagation Of Kainth (Pyrus Pashia)-An Important Rootstock Of Pear In Northern Subtropical Region Of India
 Traffic Congestion in the Metropolitan City of Kolkata
 Is EVA a Superior Measure of Shareholder Value? Evidence from CNX Nifty Constituent Firms
 Predicting the Impact of Vaccination on the Transmission Dynamics of Typhoid in South Asia: A Mathematical Modeling Study
 The Keys to the State
 Genetic variability for quantitative and qualitative characters in Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)
 Scope of Tourism: Indian Perspectives
 Assessment of Energy Efficiency Improvement and CO2 Emission Reduction Potentials in India's Cement Industry
 Biodegradation of cyanide and starch by individual bacterial strains and mixed bacterial consortium isolated from cassava sago wastewater
 Productivity and Profitability of Autumn Sugarcane and Brassica Crops based Intercropping Systems
 Extreme Weather, Risk andSocial Crisis': An Analysis of Un-Answerability
 Modelling and Forecasting of Meat Exports from India
 Implications of National Food Security Ordinance (NFSO)
 Farmer Supported Biodiversity Conservation in Uttarakhand, India
  Impact of Plant Variety Protection on Indian Seed Industry
 Community Initiative In Rural Water Supply: The Success Story Of Jorhat Sub Division Of Assam
 Characteristics of Squatter Houses in Burayu Town Adjoining Addis Ababa, Capital City of Ethiopia
 Inequality in Carbon Emissions at Sub-National Level in India
 Cancer profile in BP Koirala institute of health sciences, Dharan, Nepal: A five-year study
 Welfare Gains from Application of First Generation Biotechnology in Indian Agriculture: The Case of Bt Cotton
 The implications of refuge requirements for Bt cotton in India on world cotton markets
 Standardization of Seedling Characteristics for Paddy Transplanter
 Drought in India: Its impact and mitigation strategies–A review
 Producers' Collectives in Sustainable Agri-value Chain
 Polyols to improve quality and shelf life of baked products: A review
 "Genetic Analysis of Rust and Late Leaf Spot in Advanced Generation Recombinant Inbred Lines of Groundnut "
 Nutrient Uptake by Direct Seeded Rice and Associated Weeds as Influenced by Sowing Date, Variety and Weed Control
 Women Entrepreneurship Development in India
 Supply Chain Management of Rice in India: A Rice Processing Company's Perspective
 Does discrimination drive gender differences in health expenditure on adults: Evidence from Cancer patients in rural India
 Use of E-Resources and Services by Users at Indian Institute Of Management Shillong: A Study
 Vertical integration paving way to organised retailing in Indian poultry industry
 Nurturing an Agriculture friendly Commodity Derivatives Marketing in India
 Comparative analysis of transplanted and dibbled method of redgram cultivation in Bidar district of Karnataka
 Cost and benefit of investment in integrated broiler farming A case study
  Fitting Nonlinear Time-series Model Using Swarm Optimization Technique
 Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Tropical Dowleiswaram Reservoir on the Godavari River, Southeast of India
 Use of E-Resources and Services by Users at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore: A Study
 Cloud-based Services: Prospects for the University Libraries
 The Paradox of Agrarian Stagnation in Bihar, India
 Malaria burden in irregular migrants returning to Sri Lanka from human smuggling operations in West Africa and implications for a country reaching malaria …
 Foreign Investment in Global Food Industry
 Assessment of Quality of Raw Milk Samples from a Jurisdiction of Northern India
 The International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies
 "ASEAN–India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and its Impact on India A Case Study of Fisheries and Selected Agricultural Products"
 Do antenatal care interventions improve neonatal survival in India?
 Effect of planting geometry and nitrogen application through fertigation on production and quality of sugarcane
 Digital literacy among student community in management institutes in Davanagere District, Karnataka State, India
 "Institutional Changes in Delivery of Agricultural Inputs and Services to Farm Households in India"
 Impact of Lagged Urbanization on the Process of Urbanization in India
 Impact of Wheat and Rice Export Ban on Indian Market Integration
 "Standardization of Seedling Characteristics for Paddy Transplanter"
 Integrated model shows that atmospheric brown clouds and greenhouse gases have reduced rice harvests in India
 Recent climate and air pollution impacts on Indian agriculture
 "Vertical Integration Paving Way to Organised Retailing in Indian Poultry Industry"
 Why tax effort falls short of capacity in Indian states: A Stochastic frontier approach
 "Design, Modeling and Simulation of Prostate Cancer Biosensor with ssDNA biomarker and DGFET Biosensor"
 Forest area estimation and reporting: implications for conservation, management and REDD
 Ordeal Mechanisms and Information in the Promotion of Health Goods in Developing Countries: Evidence From Rural China
 Community based agro-tourism as an innovative integrated farming system development model towards sustainable agriculture and tourism in Bali.
 Tariffs, Social Status, and Gender in India
 Tillage System, Crop Residues and Nitrogen to Improve the Productivity of Direct Seeded Rice and Transplanted Rice
 Performance and Relevance of Wheat Futures Market in India–An Exploratory Analysis
 "Problems of Women Labour Under MGNREGS - A Comparative Study with Special Reference to Women Labour in Agriculture"
 The Role of Public Finance in CSP Case Study: Rajasthan Sun Technique, India
 Working and performance of regional rural banks in Haryana-comparitive study of Gurgaon Gramin Bank and Harco Bank
 The Journal of the Economics of Ageing
 "Inflation In Food Articles: Causes And Analysis Of Factors During The Post-2008 Crisis Period In India"
 Dynamics of Demand for Rainfall Index Insurance: Evidence from a Commercial Product in India
 Self Help Group: A Potential Tool For Financial Inclusion
 An analysis of price trends and its behavioral patterns of the Indian poultry market with reference to egg
 Association Rule Mining in Discovering Travel Pattern in Passport Data Analysis
 "Efficiency of Marketing Channels for Pomegranate in Koppal District of Karnataka"
 Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN 2347-5374 (Online)
 Gender Inequality in North East India
 Is Assurance of Health Care a Distant Dream for the State
 On the limits of policy transfer: The OECD and “The Rest”
 "Impact of Plant Variety Protection on Indian Seed Industry §"
 Cost and benefit of investment in integrated broiler farming A case study
 "Fitting Nonlinear Time-series Model Using Swarm Optimization Technique"
 Factors Determining Morbidity in Kerala
 Foreign Trade Pattern of Nepal: Gravity Model Approach
 Modeling Indian Wheat and Rice Sector Policies
 Comparative analysis of transplanted and dibbled method of redgram cultivation in Bidar district of Karnataka
 Raising agricultural productivity with reduced use of energy and groundwater
 Assessment of Energy Efficiency Improvement and CO2 Emission Reduction Potentials in India's Cement Industry
 "Is poverty the mother of crime? Empirical evidence of the impact of socioeconomic factors on crime in India"
 Integrating border regions: connectivity and competitiveness in South Asia
 Petroleum Subsidies and Macroeconomic Variables in India
 Examination of regional-level efficient refuge requirements for Bt cotton in India
 Party Systems and Public Goods: The Dynamics of Good Governance in the Indian States
 Optimal organization of surrogacy contracts and underinvestment
 Farmer Supported Biodiversity Conservation in Uttarakhand, India
 Global oil industry and Indian economy: An analyses from 1970s upto global recession (1970-2008)
 Poverty and Inequality under Democratic Competition
 Corporate debt market in India: Lessons from the South African experience
 Does discrimination drive gender differences in health expenditure on adults: Evidence from Cancer patients in rural India
 Corporate Debt Market in India: Lessons from the South African Experience
 Nutrient Uptake by Direct Seeded Rice and Associated Weeds as Influenced by Sowing Date, Variety and Weed Control
 Women Entrepreneurship Development in India
 Family Planning Knowledge, Use and Non-use: A Cross Sectional Study in Meghalaya, India
 Consensus Democracy and State Performance: Evaluating the Impact of Coalition Government on Indian States
 Use of E-Resources and Services by Users at Indian Institute Of Management Shillong: A Study
 Some Facts and Figures on Development Attainments in Nagaland

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